Senseless Review: I can relate…

Mt. Hood in Pacific Northwest fog

The beautiful Pacific Northwest

An acquaintance of a friend was kind enough to tell our mutual friend the following about Senseless Confidential:

“I got my hands on a copy of Senseless Confidential a few weeks back and read it start to finish. We all have our connections to characters in one way or another, and Nick Prince’s story quickly became one…I can relate to…. [T]he way Nick feels stuck in his environment, and the resentment that has built up over the years. I can relate to his tendency to hold onto the past and his apprehension to change. That being said, the setting of the story couldn’t be more exciting out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.”

Just a reminder: You can get your hands on a copy at Portland bookstores and online at Amazon, as well as in ebook and audiobook formats.


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Actor, Screenwriter, Novelist, Director, Producer Author of the political thriller By A Thread: A tale of truth, trust, and betrayal Author of the psychological thriller Losing Addison @AuthorMartyB on Twitter …/author.marty.beaudet on Facebook Author of the book "Senseless: Confidential" @Martin_Bannon on Twitter …/author.martin.bannon on Facebook

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