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To those who’ve claimed Pheeby isn’t a real pitbull, her owner says…

Pitbull dimensions illustrated

The size and shape of a pitbull, as defined by the people who decide these things!

“She is a purebred tricolor pitbull registered purple ribbon show dog with some of the best lineage [as] pitbull genealogy goes!”


Bookmaker Jake’s Senseless Review

Senseless Confidential ***** (5 stars)

I, being a native of the gun-slinging
la-la land-body known as "Clackamas,"
I opened Martin's book expecting to
laugh at the many flaws of my people
like kids on playgrounds laugh at fat-
sos, nerds, and geeks. Beer-drinking,
sports-loving, xenophobic suburban red-
necks aren't cool these days, especial-
ly in Portland. I was glad that wasn't
the way the book ended. I was surprised
how quickly I fell in love with his
plot, which left me (at book's end)
with a warm wanting for the same kind
of community Nick Prince happened to
stumble upon. It felt like coming home
to my wife, Emily, without the cats. 
Thanks for your hard work, Marty!
This was a great read! —Bookmaker Jake

Thanks, Jake, for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it! —Marty

The rest of you, be sure to check out Jake’s handmade books at the StoryBank Exchange. You can see my recommendation of his book “The Living City” at Fun Books to Read.

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