Senseless Raves!

Senseless is a laugh-out-loud comedy, with a generous sprinkling of mystery and suspense. I was hooked from the opening sentence.” —Author Darcia Helle  New Port Richey, FL

“Awesome… hard to put down.” —Joe Rhinewine  Portland, OR

“Bannon knows part of being a writer is letting his books take on lives of their own.” Emily Fuggetta, The Oregonian  Portland, OR

“Fabulous, fabulous book.” —Lisa Anderson, Sandy Post  Sandy, OR

“Nick Price isn’t a happy-go-lucky man. He’s disgruntled, self-pitying and stuck in a dead-end job. He’s also hilarious. …Whether you choose to read it for its profane and hilarious dialogue or its treatment of serious topics is up to you. Just as long as you do read it!…” —Daniel Gniazdo  Copenhagen, Denmark

“…a humorous, sensual and thrilling story that will keep you enthralled until the final page. …It reminded me a lot of Chuck Palahniuk…” —Author Jason DeGray  Albuquerque, NM

“Martin Bannon truly writes his way across the entire human spectrum with this riveting and hilarious book.” —Grace Tippetts Centerville, UT

“I totally enjoyed this book. Bannon’s dark humor reminded me of Carl Hiaasen.” —Libby Wentz  Gladstone, OR

“I was hooked from the beginning. A very enjoyable read right through to the end.” —Marie Kennedy  Welches, OR

“A damn good read!” —Dan Bosserman, East County Gazette  Boring, OR

Senseless Confidential is written by a guy who obviously knows how to write a book …absolutely hysterical…. The characters are believable, full of human flaws and frailty. —Holly Bernabe  Portland, OR

“A diverse group of relatable characters and some well-placed plot twists kept me turning pages eagerly. Mr. Bannon knows what he’s doing.” —Brent Skuba  Long Beach, CA

“I found it so exhilarating that I sped through it! I need to get more books to share because this one was a life changer for me. I am so happy that you wrote this book and can’t wait to read your others.” —Sary Dobhran  Portland, OR

“…fantastic. I could not put it down. Such a clever way of weaving everything together…. a most cleverly written book!” —Garth Gordon Hokanson  Sebastopol, CA

“…what a fun read, the story line kept me turning the pages and his crazy sense of humour kept me smiling throughout!” —Janet Brown  Whistler, BC, Canada

You can find Senseless Confidential at Amazon and Smashwords. Remember, for a good time this summer, Get Senseless!


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