Who is this Martin Bannon dude?

Martin Bannon, author of fun books to read

Author Martin Bannon

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Martin Bannon has lived in Oregon’s politically schizophrenic Clackamas County since 1998.

Senseless Confidential, a comedic romp through the county’s backwoods, is his third book.

Bannon, who has lived in places as varied as Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Utah, majored in Soviet Studies to pursue a career in Intelligence. When he discovered that there was no such thing, he became a writer instead, where he has been living out cover legends ever since.

He is fluent in three languages and can make educated errors in several more. He has traveled to 38 of the US states and 19 foreign countries. He has been a tea guest of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, pursued by Hungarian security forces, and questioned by East German authorities.

He has been adopted by a cat named Rudy, who is sometimes mistaken for a meatloaf.

  1. ha! love your profile, Martin

    cat from wordshop

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