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Martin Bannon interviewed on Anarchy Radio

It was mid-January when “The Bald Guy” aka Jason Allen shot a message to author Martin Bannon saying he’d just finished reading “Senseless Confidential” and loved it. Would the author like to come on the Anarchy Radio show for an interview?

Well, of course he would? So, click the link below (in mp3 format) to hear the nearly hour-long conversation Martin Bannon had on February 7, 2o13 with the Bald Guy, Mark, and the Buddha at Portland, Oregon’s Anarchy Radio. (To hear the entire four-hour show, go to the show’s website and click the link under the date specified.)

Martin Bannon_Anarchy Radio_interview (mp3)


**** Funny, adventurous and strangely believable —Portland Book Review

Four stars to Senseless Confidential from the Portland Book Review

The Oregon Cascades are a scenic, forested mountain range, but one that shelters an unusual assortment of people. Senseless Confidential takes us down logging roads and into the lives of some of those people with a story that is funny, adventurous and strangely believable.

Nick Prince is a part-time Census employee, sent to ascertain headcounts deep in the forests. Along the way he discovers mayhem and misfits, old friends and new friends, lost love and new love. Alas, the mayhem leads to arrests and court proceedings, hampered by the strict confidentiality rules to which Census employees are sworn.

While told in a style reminiscent of Bill Bryson’s writings, Nick’s tale explores human stories including sectarian religious life, domestic violence, homosexuality, and challenges our notions about family. This book can be enjoyed as a light summer read or contemplated for what we can learn about our community and ourselves. The setting of the story will be enjoyed by locals and might tempt others to visit, if not to go quite so far off the beaten trail.

See what other readers had to say here.

Senseless Raves!

Senseless is a laugh-out-loud comedy, with a generous sprinkling of mystery and suspense. I was hooked from the opening sentence.” —Author Darcia Helle; New Port Richey, FL

“Awesome… hard to put down.” —Joe Rhinewine; Portland, OR

“Bannon knows part of being a writer is letting his books take on lives of their own.” —Emily Fuggetta, The Oregonian, Portland, OR

“Fabulous, fabulous book.” —Lisa Anderson, Sandy Post, Sandy, OR

“…a humorous, sensual and thrilling story that will keep you enthralled until the final page. …It reminded me a lot of Chuck Palahniuk…” —Author Jason DeGray; Boston, MA

“Martin Bannon truly writes his way across the entire human spectrum with this riveting and hilarious book.” —Grace Tippetts; Centerville, UT

“I totally enjoyed this book. Bannon’s dark humor reminded me of Carl Hiaasen.” —Libby Wentz; Gladstone, OR

“I was hooked from the beginning. A very enjoyable read right through to the end.” —Marie Kennedy; Welches, OR

“A damn good read!” —Dan Bosserman; East County Gazette, Boring, OR

Senseless Confidential is written by a guy who obviously knows how to write a book …absolutely hysterical…. The characters are believable, full of human flaws and frailty. —Holly Bernabe; Portland, OR

“A diverse group of relatable characters and some well-placed plot twists kept me turning pages eagerly. Mr. Bannon knows what he’s doing.” —Brent Skuba; Long Beach, CA

“I found it so exhilarating that I sped through it! I need to get more books to share because this one was a life changer for me. I am so happy that you wrote this book and can’t wait to read your others.” —Sary Dobhran; Portland, OR

“[While] searching for something to freshen the Elwood, Oregon Facebook page, I ran across this book and couldn’t believe I hadn’t ever heard of it. [I] immediately purchased and read it, in one sitting; couldn’t put it down. Fun, fun, fun, fun read! We are proud of our gun-toting backwoods community and Elwood is a real place. And the events of the book–although fiction–could have seriously happened (or at least most of them). Can’t wait for the movie! I hope it is actually filmed in Elwood!” —Rhonda; Elwood, OR

You can find Senseless Confidential at Amazon and Smashwords. Remember, for a good time this summer, Get Senseless!

A fun book to read!

Front cover of Senseless Confidential, a fun book to read

“Hardly a day goes by when some fuckhead doesn’t want to shoot me. Today is no exception.”

Meet census worker Nick Prince.

Nick wants nothing more than to go drown his sorrows at the Safari Club and pine for Beth, his lost college love. But before he can do that, his job with the U.S. Census Bureau requires him to face down reluctant respondents in the remote forests of Oregon, who repel him with everything from pit bulls to shotguns.

When a chance encounter in the tiny town of Elwood lands him in the midst of a loopy polygamist clan, it sets off a wild, wacky race to save himself, his job, and his bleeding heart. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry as Nick struggles to sort out the multiple warrants and women that stand between him and his sanity in this comedic crime caper in the tradition of Carl Hiaasen, Daniel Price, Chuck Palahniuk, and Josh Bazell.

Click on the sample chapters (Titles) at the top of the page for a free preview read.**

You may purchase both the print and Kindle editions at Amazon.

Digital editions in other formats may be purchased from Smashwords.

Disclaimer: Senseless Confidential contains language that may not be suitable for all ages.

**Census workers must have a note from their mother to proceed beyond this point.

Feeling the love: Is she my biggest fan?

The writer's heart

A heartwarming response

Nothing warms a writer’s heart more than hearing how much a reader enjoyed his or her storytelling. I daresay most of us are not in this for the money (and if we are, we’d better have a good Plan B), so good reviews are the currency in which we really get paid. Word-of-mouth referrals are also the most effective means to get our work discovered. That’s why it’s always such a pleasure to get such reader comments as this one:

“I bought the book for my workmate…. Before I gave it to her I had to read it and I found it so exhilarating that I sped through it! I have told at least 5 people about it so I need to get more books to share because this one was a life-changer for me …it was über enlightening! I am so happy that you wrote this book and can’t wait to read your others. …I may be your biggest fan!”

So, is she going to be my biggest fan? We’ll see. If you haven’t checked out Senseless Confidential yet, I dare you to challenge her to that title! The official release date is August 1, but followers of my blog can get a discount code for a prerelease copy, either print or digital, just by leaving a comment anywhere on the blog.

UCK! Some members of the alphabet get a bad rap

Warning: This post may -ontain letters that are harmf-l to yo-r sense of self, h-mor, and/or propriety.

Rog-e -hara-ters -an't be fo-nd in this graphi-

Three letters -annot be tolerated. Yo- -now which ones.

Apparently some letters of the alphabet have gone rog-e. It happened some time in the last two de-ades. It’s probably Bill -linton’s fa-lt. They seem to blame everything else on him.

A-t-ally, tho-gh, I thin- the ca-se lies somewhere within the F – -, the Federal -omm-ni-ations -ommision; yo- -now, that nanny agen-y that poli-es the p-bli- spee-h of Ameri-ans. They don’t mind if yo- lie thro-gh y-or teeth, they just want to be s-re that yo- don’t -se the letters—here -omes the offensive part—”u,” “c,” and “k.”

There, I’ve said it. I’ve actually written it. I’m a real outlaw now.

You may as well wave a gun as the letters u, c, and k.

You may as well wave a gun as the letters u, c, and k.

For some inexplicable reason, the world thinks that writing “f@#%ing awesome” is somehow different from writing “fucking awesome.” Yet don’t you pronounce them the same way in your head? The reader certainly comes away with the same meaning in either case. If the word is used literally, either spelling will paint the same visual image.

I can only deduce then, that it is not the sentiment or emotion that’s forbidden, but the letters themselves. Because it seems perfectly acceptable to tell you to go eff yourself, as long as I don’t spell it with “uck.”

Yep, I can be as mean and nasty to you as I want; only the spelling will be changed to protect… well, I’m not sure what it’s protecting. Certainly not your feelings.

This is why Nick Prince—he’s the dude that’s going to lead you on the absurdity of working for the U.S. Census Bureau in Senseless Confidential—always has to be introduced with disclaimers—because he doesn’t leave any of the letters out when he tells you how he feels about the women and warrants he’s juggling just to make it through the day.

Good people make good books

Doris and her Dogs make for good books to read

Doris and her dogs would make for good books to read

Who doesn’t like to make fun of their neighbors? Come on, admit it—if you were a journalist you’d be dishing on Doris and her dogs, tattling on Terri and her too-tight tops, and lambasting Lynn’s lascivious lifestyle. You’d be your very own TMZ.

After all, you love gossip; I know you do. Stop pretending you don’t.

Now imagine you’re going to write a novel. (No denying that either—everybody wants to.) This is your chance to throw everyone you know into the mix and march them around like the puppetmaster you long to be. They will do your bidding. They’ll get into jams that you’ve designed just for them. And, best of all, they’ll say everything you ever wished you could make them say in real life.

Wink, nudge

This image from Monty Python’s Flying Circus is property of the BBC, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Say no more.

Of course, in a novel, any similarity to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental, right? (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Know what I mean?)

But hey, like the teacher always told the girl whose pigtails got pulled, you only tease these people because you like them, right? That’s my story anyway, and I’m stickin’ to it. And so far, they seem to believe me.

In the good books to read, she'll do what you want.

Go ahead: make her do it

Just ask Laura, one of the characters in “Senseless Confidential,” who happens to be reading the book at this very moment up at her restaurant on the mountain—with her blue Ford pickup right outside.

(And by the way, she loves it. She told me so just yesterday.)

Who is Martin Bannon?

  • Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Martin Bannon has lived in Oregon’s politically schizophrenic Clackamas County since 1998.Senseless Confidential, a comedic romp through the county’s backwoods, is his third book.

    Bannon, who has lived in places as varied as Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Utah, majored in Soviet Studies to pursue a career in Intelligence. When he discovered that there was no such thing, he became a writer instead, where he has been living out cover legends ever since.

    He is fluent in three languages and can make educated errors in several more. He has traveled to 38 of the US states and 19 foreign countries. He has been a tea guest of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, pursued by Hungarian security forces, and questioned by East German authorities.

    He has been adopted by a cat named Rudy, who is sometimes mistaken for a meatloaf.

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