Every vote matters, yes, even yours

The little town of Estacada, Oregon, which appears several times in my comedic novel Senseless Confidential, voted yesterday on a bond measure to fund a new fire station. It passed by only THREE votes.

Yes, I know it’s only a fire station in a little, out of the way town in rural Clackamas County. The point is, you never know which vote is going to cause any measure or candidate to succeed or fail.

Never say your vote doesn’t matter. Always remember to vote. We get the Democracy we deserve.


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  1. That’s no joke, Marty. There are few things more important than exercising your right to vote.

    BTW, when I was really little, we lived at Timber Lake/Three Lynx. Going to Estacada was “going into town.”

  2. And the rural town of Banks, Oregon, on the opposite side of the Willamette Valley, just passed a school bond measure by only NINE votes (it was thought failed last night, until every last vote was counted today).

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